Harbour Amateur Swimming Club was formed in 1974 and took its name from the fact that our young swimmers, not having a purpose-built pool, began swimming in Hamilton Harbour. Later, the 25 yard pool at Castle Harbour was used.

In 1980, a generous benefactor made it possible to build the 25 meter Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association pool on the land leased from Saltus Grammar School. With hard work by BASA members which include each Harbour Club swimmer, funds were raised to pay off the mortgage and to maintain the facilities –   all the while promoting the sport of competitive swimming.


Harbour Amateur Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club, Its purpose is to foster the sport of competitive swimming. It is neither a keep-fit club, nor a learn-to-swim club. The coaches, executive committee, parents and especially the swimmers put a great deal of effort into training for club, national, and international competitions.


Swimmers are expected to compete in all meets sanctioned by the Club and BASA. Coaches and swimmers train for competition and work hard to select events which will enable each swimmer to set goals and improve their personal best times in a wide range of strokes and distances. Official Harbour Amateur Swimming club suits must be worn at all meets.


Swimmers are obligated to attend, on time, three out of the four training sessions at the BASA pool each week.


Harbour Club Swimmers are required to commit themselves to training hard, to being receptive to coaching instruction, to being supportive of team members, to exhibiting Club spirit, and to demonstrating good sportsmanship.

N.B. Valuables should not be brought to the pool and/or left in the changing rooms.

Harbour Amateur Swimming Club regulation swimsuits must be worn at all meets.


It is difficult for any young athlete to engage in a competitive sport without total parental support. Parents of swimmers in Harbour Amateur Swimming Club must commit themselves to helping their son/daughter attend practice sessions, on time and properly equipped, enter meets and comply with the requirements of the club.

All swim meets are made possible by volunteers and the club counts on parents to help as timers, officialsetc. The BASA holds training sessions for officials on a regular basis, and parents are encouraged to attend as often as possible.

In addition, because Harbour Amateur Swimming Club is a registered non-profit charity, parents are depended on to become involved with fund raising efforts, such as the of selling tickets, attending and helping with pot luck suppers and other social events