Harbour Gold Swimmers Compete In Canada

Harbour Gold Squad swimmers recently achieved 51 personal bests in 69 races at the Gus Ryder SC Invitational Memorial Cup in Ontario, Canada.

A spokesperson said, “The Harbour Gold Squad completed competition at the Gus Ryder SC Invitational Memorial Cup last Sunday in Ontario, Canada. 

“Team members included Alyson Scherer, Finn Moseley, Emma Kittleson, Lindsay Scherer, Josephine Duerden, Myeisha Sharrieff, Brandon Adkins, Giada Dudley-Pun, Caitlin Coleman and Thomas Cechini. 

“Fifty-one personal bests in 69 races were achieved by the team following an intense training camp with Nike Peak Performance in Bermuda. Myeisha Sharrieff dropped an impressive 42.39 seconds throughout the weekend, while Caitlin Coleman and Finn Moseley achieved personal bests across all seven events.”

“The swimmers produced outstanding results whilst demonstrating great team spirit to round off a valuable week of mental and physical preparation,” said Shona Palmer, Harbour Head Coach. 

“Having achieved numerous substantial personal best times this early in the season positions them well for the season ahead.”

The spokesperson said, “Harbour swept the girls 13-14 50M Breastroke as Josephine Duerden won gold, Myeisha Sharrieff silver, and Giada Dudley-Pun bronze. In addition to this, the team brought home 39 medals and four high
point trophies. 

“Alyson Scherer, Finn Moseley, Brandon Adkins and Thomas Cechini each captured age group titles on the weekend.”

Source: Bernews