Letter to the Harbour Swim Club Membership

About Harbour Swim Club

Harbour swim club is the oldest and largest swim club in Bermuda. Formed in 1974 and celebrating its 45th anniversary this year it continues to go from strength to strength, working with each child to maximize their own ability and help them reach their individual objectives.  We work to develop swimmers from the junior age, through competitive seniors and finally helping many to represent Bermuda internationally at both the age group and national levels.

Success in swimming comes from hard work, technical excellence, mental toughness and being focused in practice that often translates to up to nine sessions a week for our senior swimmers, and over fifteen hours of training. Many of these sessions require them to be in the pool at 6amand this requires constant discipline, a high level of fitness and good dietary habits. It also requires regular competition both here in Bermuda and on the international stage as they continue their development and grow as athletes and young adults.

Harbour’s current programmes are producing outstanding swimmers who are currently competing overseas at age group levels including the following competitions:

The Caribbean Free Trade Association Games (CARIFTA).
The Central American and Caribbean Confederation Swimming Championships (CCCAN).
We are striving to have our swimmers represent their country nationally at The Island Games, The PANAM Games, The Commonwealth Games, World Swimming Championships and ultimately The Olympic Games.

There are clearly numerous benefits, that range from acquiring the discipline as a way of life, viewing the sport as a lifestyle choice that help them remain fit and healthy in their day to daylives, whether they compete locally or internationally.

We recognize that like any sport, for our swimmers to realize their maximum potential, in addition to the investment of time and mental effort, it takes a considerable amount of funding. The Club is a registered charity and does not make a profit. There are significant costs to running a swim program with the rental of pool time being the largest cost for the Club. In addition, the Club is responsible for covering the cost of meet entries and where possible, offering financial support to their swimmers when travelling overseas.

This letter is designed to seek help with two primary funding requests:

The Public School Support Program
The Gold Squad.

The Public School Support Program

The sport of swimming has so many benefits that go beyond just the swimming and it is important that we try and offer as many Bermudians the opportunity to participate in the sport. In 2017 The Executive of Harbour introduced a scholarship program, in conjunction with Dellwood Middle School. We invite interested students, with the support of Bryce Williams, to try out and if selected receive financial assistance. This initiative has enabled, to date, 6 children to join Harbour and develop their swimming skills. Harbour has to date absorbed all this cost. For the 2019/20 season we are now looking to expand this program to other schools and provide more kids who ordinarily would not be able to afford being involved in swimming, the opportunity to do so. We are therefore looking for a headline sponsor that can help us achieve this goal.

The Gold Squad

The elimination of the BASA National Training Squad in 2017 resulted in Harbour introducing The Gold Squad in September 2018. The senior Gold Squad is available to those swimmers who have achieved an A time in an event 100m or longer, or 2 x 50’s in their respective age group. We currently have 9 members of the Gold Squad. To help feed this squad we have 20 swimmers in the junior gold squad who will be promoted to the full squad when they achieve an A time. In addition to slightly modified current Club training sessions, swimmers who participate arerequired to attend three additional morning sessions, training camps and international meets that are agreed for the season. Our supplementary performance program  includes goal setting, log book completion and additional communication between swimmers, parents and coaches.

Participation in the Gold Squad requires a high level of commitment from both swimmers and parents in order for the swimmers to realize the maximum benefit as they work toward and attain their goals. The training sessions offered through the Gold Squad are designed to challenge swimmers both physically and mentally. One hundred percent effort, focus and attendance from all participants is essential in order to achieve individual swimmer and the program’s success.

Since its introduction our swimmers have excelled and achieved fantastic results at CARIFTA, CISC and CCCAN.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In support of the above, we are seeking Corporate and Individual Sponsorship for the two key programme components to expand our current swimming base and to enable the current Gold Squad Programme to be refined as we anticipate that more and more of our swimmers will qualify and compete at this level.

1) Public School Scholarship program – We are seeking a partner to work with us on our Scholarship Program to expand opportunities to other Government Schools outside of just Dellwood where we have successfully trialed this initiative. We would like to seek a donation of a minimum of $10,000 to help roll out this program and offer kids who would ordinarily not be able to afford to join a swim club a chance to particpate. If we are successful in finding a partner we then plan to meet with government for introductions to the PE Teachers at government schools, outline the program and then seek recommendations from them for swimmers to attend trials. We would then announce the program to the public via an article in the Royal Gazette. The amount of kids we can take will be dictated by the size of the donation.
2) Gold Squad Sponsorship – As noted above the Club has absorbed all costs related to the Gold Squad and established a sound programme foundation. In order to sustain and build on what has been created, we are looking for an annual sponsorship for each Gold Squad member. We have created our own own Gold Squad web page that highlights each swimmer in the program, their swimming achievements to date, National Records they hold and fun facts about each of our swimmers. We are seeking $2,500 sponsorship for each swimmer with this money being used to pay for the cost of pool time for the extra sessions required, subsidize the cost of overseas swim meets your swimmer will attend and will also help pay for specialized programming including physiotherapy and technique analysis. At this level, this is a key differentiator and critical to enable these swimmers to leverage opportunities to compete Nationally or at the University level. The Sponsor will have their name on the webpage under each swimmers’ picture and receive regular updates from their swimmer on their ongoing achievements.

In closing, this letter is our initial appeal to our membership base for support for these two worthy programmes. However with that said we are happy to accept any donation big or small to help drive this program forward. Without funding we will not be able to achieve two of our strategic goals; to expand our swimming base and to continue to develop our aspiring National Age Group swimmers. Anyone who is in a position to sponsor a swimmer or works for a Company with a Charity Committee that supports local sport and would be interested in either the individual sponsorship or the Scholarship program, kindly contact Aileen Smith (aileensmith@rocketmail.com) or Jenny Smatt (jenny@ontru.bm) before September 10, 2019. We are more than happy to attend and present details on these programs to any charity committee should you require us to do so.

Thanks again for your continued support of Harbour Swim Club.